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Originally Posted by BmerMeUp View Post
I'm glad someone else posted this - I actually started on it twice, thought better of it (for e90post's sake) and stopped. Here is my rather disappointing experience with e92 Lighting - all factual:

Nov 5 - ME: Paid for 3 sets of Nokya lights (I was trying out a yellow theme...)

Nov 7 - ME: No shipping confirmation, I send email follow up.

Nov 8 - e92: "sorry about the delay, this order is shipping out today" (Derrick)

Nov 15 - ME: Still nothing, I ask for a tracking number to confirm shipment.

Nov 19 - e92: <USPS Tracking number provided> (Derrick)
Nov 19 - ME: Tracking number confirms item wasn't posted to USPS until Nov 13. Not Nov 8 when it was "shipping out today." This doesn't confirm it shipped... they just told USPS they were planning on shipping it Nov 13.

Nov 29 - e92: Sends me an "Order Completed" invoice/statement.

Nov 30 - ME: Uh - what does "Order Completed" mean, as I still have not received ANYTHING?!

Dec 3 - e92: "i am sorry but the h8 bulbs were not in stock at the time of purchase" (this time not even bold enough to put their name on it - sent from anonymous "info@e92...") ...I guess it didn't ship on Nov 8 OR Nov 13, then hunh?

Dec 14 - Product arrives, 39 days after I paid for it, 36 days after they said they shipped it, 31 days after they told USPS they were thinking about shipping it, 15 days after "Order Completed" (and when I think they "actually" shipped it). In the interim I received several products from as far away as Poland, including several from the USA, in as little as 5 days, and as big as 4 tires on rims.

Not impressed. Will not buy from them again... unless I feel like waiting and being lied to.
You've described what I'm going through right now, but my fight isn't over yet. I'll be starting yet another e92-lighting thread when it's over. For now I'll just say that I purchased from them because they are a forum sponsor and I was new to the site. Apparently e92-lighting thinks that sponsorship simply means a license to screw with forum members.

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