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Originally Posted by RSM View Post
Thankyou for your reply makkan00, its good to see its possible, having already had the interior out once to do the alpine amp retrofit, i was going to do it the german way, only downside i can see is if the number plate fuse goes i will lose rear lights, can you think of any other downsides?
Not scaring you, but the other risk is fire. Just keep checking the cables for few days to make sure that they are not getting hot.

If you have alpine retrofit, you should also opt for hi-fi coding to get max out of your retrofit kit.

Originally Posted by RSM View Post
I recognise your car from around the area, i think ive seen you going under the qe2 bridge, near the ibis, if its not you its a double of your car haha

many thanks, Rob
Unfortunately, thats me . Good to hear from a local chap. Rob, let me know when you are ready and I'll code your car.