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Originally Posted by SHEEDI View Post
no words to describe how you feel about that but this is what i feel about the person who did it.


Wash, Clay, if scratches are not too deep, then go dirent to wet sanding with 2000 grit sand paper, if scratches are deep then fill them with touchup paint, give it few days to cure then cover it with clear coat,give it few days to cure, Wet sanding with 2000 grit sand papaer, wash, clay,
With polisher first use compound,
swirl remover polish,
paint cleaner,
sealant, wax
ok,that sound rather difficult
i get the sanding and the touch up paint is just with a little brush,
but how do you manage to do the clear coat yourself?
does it come in spray cans or something?
but as its currently -7 here i guess i better wait a while before i start repairing