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Anyway,now that we can go back to the OP without interruption from a now banned oxygen thief,what about the vid?

As usual, another great one from Harris,and I've got to say I thought the Volvo looked good,very mean,but understated in a sleeper fashion,which seems to be something Volvo have done well over the yrs.

200k though,seriously!

I'd spend 125k less and buy the Merc,yes the Volvo trounced the Merc on the rolling drag race, but I bet the race would have had a completely different outcome had it been from a standing start.
The Volvo only comes to life at 3-3500rpm,the Merc would have been so far ahead of the Volvo by the time it came alive that the race would have been won easily by the Merc.

Merc wins,I'm 125k up,so two weeks in Bora Bora,a C63 with a soundtrack like no other, and a M3 to feck around with,so much win

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