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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
I do think you're missing the point. People pay for exclusivity.

Given they are selling 5, and only 5 - I promise they will all sell. This is a car that someone like a Jay Leno would just "have" to add to his collection.

Regardless of the stats (which are impressive but not staggering) - these cars will sell.

If they'd made 500 it would have been much trickier of course, when you consider that the purchase price is almost Aventador territory and would buy either of a nice house outright or close to 3 F10 M5s. Heh.

Of course I get it mate, but it's a Volvo, not a TVR or Noble. Who arguably could get away with a crazy price..

Volvo doing this is like Vauxhall doing it..
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