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I got my missus one two years ago; because I was impatient and wanted it pre-Christmas I took what my lease guy could grab from stock - I wanted a 2.0 diesel 4wd auto 5 seat, but actually ended up taking a +2 manual (but the diesel lump). I've got the one with all the trimmings (TEKNA, I think) which is still current although the simple reversing cam on mine has been replaced with a 360 degree system.

As Rog has stated, there is a drop in interior quality compared to say an X3, but the gadgets do go some way in offsetting that 'loss'. The SatNav system is good (with pre-loaded and alerts to speed camera locations), leather, pano roof etc.

An equivalent spec X3 would be 40k+, so the fiscal difference has to have come from somewhere and its the sound you get when closing the door/boot/fuel flap, dash surface etc.

The 2.0 diesel is pretty thirsty, although my missus does NO miles in it - she's had it two years and despite making 10+ trips to see her inlaws (400 mile round trip) she's only just rolled over 10k in two years - so her pathetic daily mileage could have something to do with that.

Sits at a ton quite happily.

Its a vanilla car; it does nothing badly, but is unremarkable other than its monthly cost Vs the toys (which I think is good). Being jap I can't see it ever going wrong (which I wouldn't say for the French equivalents).
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