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I found a nice "tonneau cover" for the trailer...I think if I modify this properly, it will work well and fit in the opening....(That opening can be adjusted to suit...or I can make the tonneau cover wider.....though it wont need much)

Im picturing using only the center section where it bulges up (so it does not look simply like a hood that was tossed into place) .... and adding some fiberglass to create a nice smooth edge along the bottom along with a channel for the rubber gasket. The fiberglass work will follow the shape of the top of the trailer.

the hood will face the roundel is at the will also be hinged at the front....(remember the old 2002s?) Im doing this as a safety feature as well...hinging at the back may create issues....I would hate to have that thing fly open!

whatdya think?...see where the roundel will fit?

picking up the carcass in 2 weeks!