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Originally Posted by JMARS View Post
Send logs to Shiv and he should be able to help you determine what's going on.
I sent datalogs in this past Saturday, haven't heard back yet. I will try calling today.

Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
Are you running 100% E85 or something?
I am running 93 octane gas, no E85 local to me unfortunately.

Originally Posted by Ilma View Post
That seems unusual to be running out of fuel and maxing trims at only 14 psi of boost.

You should log fuel trims for bank 2 as well as bank 1 to see if they are both maxing out.

This will help rule out a faulty injector in bank 1 causing this issue.

You can also try increasing the cell values for open loop fueling in the user adjustable table.

Here is what I changed mine too:
I am logging both banks, they are just overlaying one another (you can see the blue and black line to the left before they both max out). The car ran fine before installing the procede (I was JB4 then JB4/meth, but no meth now). I also don't want to change the map yet as I feel that there must be something causing this.

Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
+1 for looking at both of the banks. If only one is running lean, you could have accidentally swapped the o2 sensors in your DPs. Or as Ilma said, you could have a bad injector.
Both are logged.

Originally Posted by themyst View Post
If he swapped front o2 sensors his car would be undrivable. If he swapped rear o2 sensors it would throw an SES light along with a code for swapped sensors, but would not affect trims the way the OP is seeing. He also did not appear to have these issues with his old JB4, which rules out hardware.
Right, the downpipes have been installed over a year with no issues.
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