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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post I was saying (appointment cancelled so able to reply)...

The new 1.6dci (new 12 months ago) is very economical and cheap on tax. Our fully laiden +2 averaged 50mpg on a round trip to Wales, including tootling around whilst there for a week, and more like 40mpg around town (maybe a smidge under). Road tax is about 100pa so all in all very economical considering its size & practicality it offers.

The 1.6dci does pack a fair bit of punch and certainly gets a shift on and deals with motorways with ease. Start/Stop on our works fine. My only criticism of the engine is virtually no torque pulling out of a juntion in 2nd i.e. if you're not in 1st coming out of a junction (where you can see no coming traffic) then you're in for a lot of juddering and ultimately a change down. Suppose that's the compromise for the efficiencies on offer. We've got a manual 2WD car to again maximise efficiency as the auto sapped the mpg.

The 7 seats are surprisingly useful too having never needed them before having them. Meant only using one car in Wales when we met the in-laws there and it doesn't take too many people asking for a lift for the boot-seats to be popped-up. Not sure whether the +2 is on th radar. The extra two seats, though fold flat, do take up space in the boot so whilst more luggage space than the normal QQ its not at much as you'd think. It is possible to 'un-officially' remove these to free up the space & save weight.

Our Tekna is full of toys which is nice, and softened the blow following the departure of the X3, but I understand they have increased the standard spec of the lower ranks models. Think the ntec now has a lot of the Tekna stuff as standard like 360 camera.

At the time of purchase there really wasn't anything else out there to properly compete as I was really hankering after a 7 seater that didn't look like a bus.

I think it looks pretty decent too...
Roger, the grey metallic looks great, really is the best colour I think.