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I've had both on my car. The DWS is quieter than the PS A/S+, and my mileage is better with the DWS's. The Michelins are a bit sharper feeling, but grip levels are about the same. The Michelins also feathered a bit after a few hard turns, and I was unable to swap them side to side to even out the wear. I got about 30k miles out of my set before I'd had enough. Once they started feathering, they got LOUD.

Of the two, I'd pick the DWS. With that said, there's a new Pilot Sport A/S 3 coming out, I'd like to try that tire out next.

EDIT: "feathering" is the wrong term to use. The tread blocks wore in a "sawtooth" pattern from front to back. Not sure what the right term is for that.