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Originally Posted by RSM View Post
Ye i will keep an eye on it, i would run it to the frm, but i believe i have frm1 so not sure whether it would work from the frm? And i wouldnt have a clue of where to wire it in from the frm.

I run led number plate bulbs and the celis are led so shouldnt be to much current draw im hoping so it shouldnt get to warm. Well thats my theor lol
I guess with FRM1, it would be difficult to run the wires from FRM. And it has the most value to code for retrofit LCI tail lights.

Originally Posted by RSM View Post
what would the hifi coding do? I just have the business radio and there is a switch on the anp for business and professional setup.

Sorry for all the questions

It is supposed the take out the equiliser settings out of the HU and give the amp flat clean signals. You get decent sound. Unfortunately BMW bussiness radio cannot be coded to hi-fi. So you do not have much choise here.