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Originally Posted by edrive90
I'm not overly fond of getting involved in transaction disputes, but this is serious. I personally value my online identity and would not want to have it slandered. The OP was looking for a performance exhaust and Incantana responded on Jan 2nd. that he had one for sale at a ridiculously low price. The OP bought it. When others questioned Incantana why he practically gave away a PE, Incantana claimed he didn't know what it was worth.

I went back over Incantana's posts (all 500 of them) and there is an obvious progression of buying/selling parts for modifications. There is nothing however about a performance exhaust. None of the inquiries or discussions that preceded all his modifications. The performance exhaust does not show up on any of several lists of all his modifications. All photos of the rear of the car, however, have been deleted.

Incantana posted inquiries about new pipe tips on Jan. 6, and then on Jan. 13 he posted that he had performed a muffler delete.

This car was previously owned by member MMMCookieS355 - hopefully he can chime in here on whether the previous muffler setup had welded tips.

Incantana - can you explain? Maybe you simply made a mistake and wish to make amends to the OP?
My attorney would have charged me more than the whole dispute amount for a review like that

Thorough job edrive

Refreshing to know people on this forum got each others back
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