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Originally Posted by s0nu View Post
So I spoke to them last night, and I feel like I'm getting ripped off because of how negotiable they are.

I originally spoke to the rep and he gave me a pricing of 100, 300, 400, with different features and ad exposures. he started off by offering, with no negotiation done yet, of 50% off the 400$ price point to $200. After speaking to him for a few more minuts he dropped down to 150$. I said I'd think about it, and I e-mailed him to see if he could do it for 100$, and with no push back he said sure he'll do it. How low can they go? I feel like I can end up getting this deal for 20$!! lmao.

It almost makes me not want to put the ad up
Told you they are negotiable lol. I think 100.00 is as low as they will go, but if you spend 100 and get out of your car, it is well worth it. If I traded in, I would be upside over 5,000.00. Not saying I would take that deal, but spending 100.00 to saves 5,000+ is well worth the investment.