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Question clutch issues?

This question may be a little rhetorical as i am pretty confident my clutch is on its way out but i would like a second opinion.

Last night while going at it with a subby my CEL light came on for a few minutes, shortly after the light went away we went at it again from a dig but when i dumped the clutch my car was just revving in place so no moving whatsoever and i could smell that burnt clutch smell. However after i tried driving it normal again and its shifting without problems now, but the clutch still feels way too soft(like really worn) i have been driving the car since last night and it shifts OK as long as im not pushing it but as soon as i try to take off quick i can smell the clutch smell a little again.

Would this definitely be the clutch or is there something else i can look for? also when replacing it do i need to look at replacing anything else while im in there since my car has higher mileage?(110k). Not sure if the CEL light is related at all but it hasn't come back.

thanks in advance.