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Good Dealer Experience

Well the case on next car for wife has to a close but nearly ended up sour.

We settled for a new 2012 Blass new shape (200 CDI). With them being on a 6month + wait opted to look second hand. Slight price to pay on loosing few options really wanted but since the old one needed lot of service work it had to go asap.

Settled for a nice Blue 200DCI Auto Sport. Nice toys included and only missing would have been adaptive lights, rear armrest and flat load floor.

With there only being two available in entire stock of merc aproved price was hard to budge but still managed to part ex mine fro decent amount.

Went to pick up the car which had been nicely prepped. Two alloys restored to factory (not local repair obvious as they where machine polished) but to my horror the rear window with factory tints had about 5 -6 huge scratches in it. Basically some Muppet gauged the glass probably when clearing the ice. Something that wasn't there when we test drove it.

You might thing not a biggie but looked horrible. Pointed it out to the salesman who got the sales director to approve a new rear window. No hassle, apologies and all sorted just awaiting the glass. The cost is 600 so ouch but at least will end up with a brand new looking car as the rest is immaculate not a mark on it.

A fresh change but credit to Mercedes in Guildford.

B200CDI - 7speed DCT auto (9 months old)
18" Wheels,
Bluetooth and Media USB/IPOD buillt in Reversing Camera
Heated Seats with Full Artico Leather (not real perfect for kids)
and few other bits

Interesting things you learn with this one as long as the car is serviced on time with Mercedes it has full breakdown service up to 30 years. No big deal but with European cover being quite expensive a nice compromise to get serviced at dealer at slightly higher cost.

Overall a success and only 100 to tax which saves 70 on old car and mpg should be far better

F30 335i M Sport