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I've been bored and mad all week so far. I have a bunch of federal reporting I need to do by the end of this month, and everyone is waiting on the deadline date of today to send me it... So I've sat here for the past week with nothing.

Been mad for two reasons. First is they are moving my seat. We have open seating where I work and they are moving my seat to an island area of 4 desks that will have me, my boss, a new person, and someone from a different department. All the other people in my department are sitting together.

The second is that within my own department, there have been the creation of 3 senior accountant positions. Not one person from my department was even considered, they felt it would be better to bring in 3 new people who don't know anything. The reason I joined this company originally was because I was told they promote from within and they just proved otherwise. So once I get my bonus payout in March, I am looking for a new job again. It pisses me off more because we had someone from my department leave and I absorbed the persons entire job.