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Volvo really need to be doing something like this at a mass level if they want to be where they once were in the market place. Otherwise they are just going to be fighting it out in the mid level with Vauxhall, Ford etc who are being absolutely humped for sales by the rapidly improving, cheaper and more reliable Korean brands.

I can always remember the V90R. The Police had them and they were a properly feared car. For the past, god knows how long they have just been making very beige cars with beige engines playing safe and it has ruined them.

In saying all this. Although Harris explained the purpose of this car and why it costs so much I still don't get it. Produce some proper numbers and make it competitively priced to see if it sells. Making a handful at a ridiculous price will prove nothing about how keen the market is to accept something like this from Volvo.
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