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Originally Posted by E90bedi View Post
dude he lives flying distance from jersey. ive tried what i can. lol trust me if he was around me i would go after him personally.
Also, im not in the business of scamming people. Check out my ebay profile. I have a STERLING record on there. Why would I risk my reputation over a few hundred bucks?

Actually e90bedi will back this up: when I went to ship it to him the shipping was going to cost 50 bucks more than we thought. I told him he was free to back out of the deal since it would be more expensive than we had thought. He said no it was ok and went ahead with the deal anyway. If I was trying to screw this guy would I have given him the option for a full refund because shipping was 50 more bucks??? I actually was hoping he would back out of the deal because then I could feel good about selling it to someone for more $$$ because since I committed to sell it to him I had learned that a used PE was worth more than what I was selling it for. But he still wanted it so I honored our agreement.

One more thing, how the hell do you guys just go after someone calling them a scammer? You guys have jumped to so many conclusions on here it makes me sick. Ive been on here for years and have never had a problem. Ypu think I just morphed into a freak and decided one day id start to screw people? Ive been selling things on here for years. Some things have sold and some havent sold yet. Ive never screwed anyone over! And I certaintly never did so on purpose!!

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