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Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
Yea that is definetely the clutch. With the abuse it has taken already it's only a matter of time before you are left stranded. I would look into purchasing a clutch today, (not trying to run a sale pitch on you). You likely burnt up your flywheel too so you will need a new one of those.

Please do your best to avoid slipping the clutch and burning it anymore if you want it to last a little longer.

My guess is the clutch slipped so bad there was no load on the engine and you probably under-boosted target, no big deal.

i mean the clutch is no big deal and i will likely buy something today, but you really think the fly wheel is done so? i thought those things were suppose to last a while and whatnot.

i figured that with a modded car the faster wear on the clutch is eminent, but for the flywheel to go out too? is there anyway to tell before taking the whole thing apart?