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Originally Posted by incantana View Post
im not avoiding this forum. I have a job and things I do during the day. I never bought this exhaust with the car. I bought this NEW from a guy off craigslist here who had an e92 and accidently purchased the exhaust for his car. I paid over 1500 for the whole thing and had it installed. This morning I went back through the emails sent back and forth between myself and this guy. This guy told me it was a PE and it did look like pics I have seen of a PE. Guy even had a receipt for it but I didnt keep it. I had it installed and it was louder than my stock exhaust but not as loud as I wanted and I wasnt fond of the sound. I eventually took it off my car and left it in storage. I never though I had been srewed as Im just use to guys in this community being honest. Ive never been screwed on a deal. Then I decided to simply cut out my rewelded stock muffler and just go that route aka "muffler delete". I suppose it is possible that I was scammed by this guy years back but it really looked and sounded different than my stock exhaust. I kept it in storge for awhile until I ran across this guy who was looking for a PE. Then I remembered that I had one. I never actively advertised that this exhaust was for sale and thats why I had no pics. When I facetimed this guy I literally just got it out of storage and then facetimed him a vid because we were already texting. He liked what he saw so I sent him the exhaust. I only saw this thread and these issues the other day. Obviosuly my first reaction was this is total BS! I paid good money for this thing and now this guy wants to screw me! It seems so easy to simply buy my PE and then complain and get a refund and send me back whatever you took off your car. I didnt want to be scammed. Now looking back over my previous emails with this guy from CL, it does seem as if I may have been taken. I dont really know or have any way of knowing. I never took pics and I was always under the assumption that it was a PE. I listed it for cheap because my exhaust had been used for awhile. Im no exhaust expert or mechanical expert. I had it used and welded and cut up. I figured it was worth around 500 if i really tried to sell it but I was willing to let it go for 330 just to be done with it.

Edit** Also, I have no idea who this donkey guy is. But thnaks for the help on this.
Ok so the right thing to do at this point would be to credit him the money back and have him send you the exhaust back (if you still want it).
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