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Originally Posted by incantana View Post
Im almost at the point where Im willing to refund him part of the money to just make this thing go away but that still leaves me in the horrible position of still thinking I sold him a PE! Its not like I KNOW I didnt sell him a PE because I was completely confident that I had a PE! I paid over 1500 for this thing! So at the end of this whole thing Im supposed to give him some of his $ back and just walk away wondering if I got screwed??? Whats the fair thing to do here??
There are two scenarios here. One, you thought you had a PE and sold it to BEDI, but now you realize it wasn't a PE. It's pretty clear what a PE is, if you read through this thread (I didn't know what a PE was, until I read this thread).

Two, you did have a PE and sold it to him, and he has swapped it.

So given everything that's transpired, which one are you saying happened?