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Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
It would normally last a while, but you burned your clutch several times. That can easily produce hot spots on your flywheel and leave clutch material on the flywheel. This makes the surface un-even and prone to slipping with a new clutch.

Without seeing your car in person and taking it apart nobody really knows. However, it's always recommended to replace your OEM flywheel when you get a new clutch anyway.

Some people resurface them but I never recommend it as there are too many horror stories of people going to shops that end up screwing it up. This is not your typical flywheel on a Honda or Subaru, it is a Dual mass flywheel, so it requires specialized shop to resurface it properly.

If done improperly it will ruin your new clutch.

oh man how much does a fly wheel run and can i run an aftermarket fly wheel with a oem clutch? any recommendations?