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Originally Posted by Turb0Surge View Post
No one uses the tracks where I parked. Funny thing though is there is a seperate set of tracks running across those and I was taking pics when the ground started rumbling... Freaked me out. Lol.
It's very clearly evident in your pics that a train recently traversed those tracks you are parked on. You can see where the wheel flange cut a fresh path though the mud. However, it looks to be a low-speed industrial spur, so there's not a huge risk in parking there. Worst case, you'd end up with a load of stink-eye, and probably some comments, from the train crew as they stopped short of your car....

Don't EVER park like this on or near a mainline track, however - aside from being dangerous, it's illegal and a federal offense if something happens and you cause an accident. You really don't want to pay the bill for cleanup after an incident.... Don't be this person:

Anyway, with Railroad Safety 101 out of the way, nice car, nice find! I'll go along with the others regarding the color - that's not Dakar Yellow. Dakar is a softer yellow, as seen here:

No matter, though, I actually think your color looks better. And 5K for a mechanically-sound car with only 100K miles, who can argue??

I have a 99 M3 downstairs in the garage with only 35K miles. It hides under a car cover during the winter months up here.
The pic is a few years old, but the car looks the same. I took 2nd in the local CCA chapter Concours event last summer. I love driving this thing - it is so connected and unfiltered relative to my E46 and E91. I wanted one of these things for years, and was finally able to purchase one back in 2000. It only had 5800 miles on it when I bought it in Wisconsin, and I've used it as a summer driver ever since. I plan to keep it a very long time, and I'd love to obtain an E30 garage mate for it at some point when space and funds allow....

Enjoy the car! Thanks for posting!

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