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Originally Posted by Jeff@TopGearSolutions View Post
I think retail on the OEM DMFW is near $1000 but people find them cheaper.

The only aftermarket options are single mass aluminum or steel flywheels. They will be cheaper, mid $500's. However, they come with a price.

The single mass flywheels on this car cause excessive chatter and noise. They also require the use of specific clutches so it limits your options on inexpensive clutches, like ACT for instance.

I'm not sure what kind of power you have but clutches are rated by torque, so you should choose a clutch based on torque.

ACT, and SPEC clutches appear to be the most popular.

If you are running just basic bolts on the ACT is good clutch to go with or the Spec Stage 2.

If you are running E85 or methanol I would go with atleast Spec 2 if not spec 2+

If you are is otherwise stock Spec Stage 1 or ACT would suffice.
Iam currently only running dci and a jb4 on map5 ill probably add downpipes and maybe an intercooler and call it a day but i found someone selling an oem bmw clutch kit for $300 which seems like a good deal that's why i asked