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Originally Posted by Kirkland Sig View Post
So if I'm understanding that correctly, once I get the OEM amp to turn on, the sound quality coming from the aftermarket HU will sound like crap but there will be no damage done to the OEM amp?
No, not necessarily. See above. I have the same series Pioneer that feeds into the Hi-Fi amp that in turn powers the rear speakers in my E90. I can't comment on it being a great wonderous sound as I fade to the front 2-3 notches (on the Pioneer). I can say that there isn't any distortion, pops, cracks or overall any issues coming from the rear speakers. Nor is there any noise.

You're probably going to be fine once you get it working. You're not going to win any competitions for quality that's for sure, but it'll probably suit you if you're just a casual listener streaming MP3s/Pandora via Bluetooth and the like.