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Originally Posted by Robspages View Post
Yes. Just as soon as I get my car back. Most of the documentation is in it.
Car is back home. I've driven about 80 miles on it since they handed it over at 1pm this afternoon and it feels great to have it back. Mileage seems to have improved by +5 mpg so far. I DO baby my car. It rarely sees over 3,000 RPM and still cruise at a pretty good clip like that.

Here are the codes, dates, parts and comments from my 3 trips leading up to and including the carbon build up removal. The text has been reformatted by me to be more readable. Fault codes and things I thought important are in bold.

37,316 miles

Summary: SES due to Mass Air Sensor failure

Service notes: Factory Fault in DDE: 3FF1 Air Mass Flow Sensor. Completed test plan for fault. Inspected engine for air leaks, smoke test engine air ducts. No leaks present. Inspect sensor connections and signal/power/ground. No Fault. Replaced Mass Air Flow Sensor. Complete Service Test Plan to clear DDE Air Flow Sensor Adaptation and cleared fault memory. Test drove vehicle.

1 13.62-8-509-725 HOT-FILM AIR MASS M

39,245 miles

Summary: SES from intake pressure loss. Temp sensor threw failure once that was cleared

Service Notes: Intake charge air pressure loss due to leaking charge air pipes. Connect battery charger to vehicle and complete vehicle test. Faults stored in DDE: 4595 Smooth running controller. Cylinder 6: 3FF1 Air Mass Flow sensor.

Complete test plan for faults and complete inspection for leaks with smoke machine. No air leaks present. Per test plan, replaced charge air temperature sensor, cleared fault memory and drove vehicle overnight.

Rechecked faults and found 3FF1 fault returned. Per fault data, inspect air pipes for oil residue indicating air leakage. Found oil residue on both charge air pipes.

Complete test plan again and select air leaks as fault.

Replaced both intake charge air pipes: Intercooler to EGR and Intercooler to turbocharger then cleared fault memory and test drove vehicle again. No faults returned

1 13-62-7-812-741 TEMPERATURE SENSOR
1 11-61-7-812-274 CHARGE AIR LINE
1 11-61-8-506-078 CHARGE AIR LINE

40,024 miles

Summary: SES back on due to swirl flaps binding, incorrect air flow through manifold

Service Notes: Intake manifold swirl flaps are binding and causing incorrect air flow through manifold causing air mass fault

VOR intake manifold for Tuesday / Fedex failed to deliver on Tuesday

Connect Battery charger to vehicle and complete vehicle test. Fault stored in DDE: Air Mass Fault. Complete test plan for fault. Test intake air temperature sensor and mass air flow sensor. No Fault.

Smoke test engine and intake system, no leaks present.

Removed engine covers and intake manifold to inspect swirl flaps. Found linkage was binding at some spots

Ordered intake manifold.

92575 - Installed New intake manifold
51372 - Cleared fault memory and test drove vehicle overnight

Rechecked vehicle faults, no faults stored in vehicle and no warning lights are on or came on during drive.

1 303 BRAKLEEN 5
1 304 GUM CUTTER 5
1 11-61-8-519-140 INTAKE MANIFOLD WIT
1 13-54-7-792-098 O-RING