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California Smog and Catted Downpipes. My experience.

Was smogging the daily beater the other day and got to talking with the manager of the smog place. Told him my car was due for smog and asked if I could just do the sniffer only because as of right now all smog shops are still doing it instead of the OBD2 scan. I wanted to see if my Catted Pipes would pass smog.

He agreed to just the sniffer:

My mods:
Injen DCI (w/CARB Sticker)
Synapse BOV (need to remove)
RR Catted Downpipes (will need an 02 sim)
VRSF Intercooler

Brought the car in and sniffed it with everything in and tune set at Map 2 for shits and giggles. The car passed with flying colors but my numbers were slightly higher at 2500rpm but well within the pass margin.

So I need to yank my BOV and get a DP Fix and I should be good to go! Told him I had my cats in place and he said that the slightly higher numbers mean that my cats maybe going out. Didn't say I had catted downpipes though.. I wasn't lying... I said I was catted