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hi there, i recently got the 500 gateway with avr(original 500 gateway with dual fot)......

i got it mainly because i wanted to play my iphone through the idrive.

installation was easy enough.

my car is a 2006 e90 with ccc proffesional nav.

I have found on mine that i have to reset the unit a lot when using the ipod and iphone video. for some reason i keep losing the functionality of the Tv option and it doesnt read the iphone or ipod. only after a reset does it come back......

as for the usb option....i really like.....i havent had any issues when using the usb option. i like how you can put folders on the usb stick like playlists. then use the file option on the usb option to skip through folders....

audio is great no matter what you use, ipod , iphone and usb....

so overall i would give it 6/10 , due to the problems i have with it.....but then again it could be a problem of the avr and not the 500 gateway itself...

its also not that cheap......especialy as i got the avr aswell.....