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Originally Posted by D's Bimmer
Originally Posted by hawaiianeze View Post
I'm pretty sure he's referring to width and offset. If it were me
Front: 19x9.5 +20
Rear: 19x11 +25 or 19x10.5 +20
Interesting. I had actually spent some time on the spec I wanted. I have seen these wheels on a car with my set up and for me I much preferred the set up I chose. Personally, I found the more aggressive stance a little to much for me.

I guess that is the beauty of having different tastes. Will definitely post pics when done. The beauty is if i want a more aggressive stance i could always add spacers. I run them now on my staggered OEM 18's and love the stance. Use 12mm on the front and 15mm on the back.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Always appreciated.
Well if it was me I would do 10" front et 17 and 11.5" rear et 28. Or even better 12" like I recently got. And I like a minor stretch so 245/35 front and 285/30 rear seems about right

You got it. I try and bring people to the darkside on here. Well said though that's why modding is so much fun and interesting seeing all the different styles and taste. I love it. Very well said my friend and you have great choice in wheels.