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Drives: 335D
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My driving habits and fuel purchases mirror Robspages’. I had 47k miles on my car before the new EGR was installed. I included my recent history up to carbon cleaning and intake manifold replacement.

Yr: 2010
Model: 335d
Mileage: 55k
Avg MPG: 32
Avg Spd: 41.5
Fuel: Sunoco (85%)/WaWa (15%)
Drive type: 3-4 (most miles are commuting)
65/35 hwy/city. Commute is 35 miles each (70 miles a day, but have an SUV I drive 1-2 days a week – more during the winter)

Carbon build up issue yes or no? Yes

Additional info:
Have changed oil every 6,500 miles since car was new (either dealer or myself using Castro Edge LL04).

My History and codes:
46,706 miles
Summary: Replace EGR Valve and Mixer Program w/CAS
No SES Codes yet

1 18-30-8-512-438 Mixer E570431
1 11-71-8-512-526 EGR Valve
Numerous nuts, gaskets and 0-rings

6/20/2012 – 2 weeks after EGR was replaced (had car 7 days)
47,223 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Performed ISID Test found fault code 4B05 Cyl 4 0 adaptn (if I remember correctly, this code showed up as P02D3 on the OBDII reader)

Service Notes: Replace Cylinder 4 Injectors and calibrate, ISID will not accept Calibration Code. Use neutral Code. Bleed Fuel System, Rd tested 5 miles. (I remember talking to the SA and him telling me the code kept coming back even after replacing the injector and they were working with Germany – thus the 7 days)

1 13-53-7-808-094 RMFD Injector
3 08180 Brake Cleaner (awful lot of cleaner)
O-Rings and Gasket Ring

9/14/2012 (had car 2 days)
50,745 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Test and Replace Metering Valve

Service Notes: Just says replaced metering valve under goodwill

1 18-30-7-807-206 Metering Unit

12/13/2012 (had car 21 days)
54,395 miles
Summary: SES Code Triggered, Found smooth running faults & 0 Adapt fault - Diagnostic code to replace #4 injector (they did not list a code, but my OBDII showed the same P02D3 as when the issue started)

Service Notes: Checked calibration and match numbers on injectors; submit PUMA case. R&R (remove and replace) intake and check for carbon. Found carbon thru intake, valve covers and on valves. Per PUMA, replace Intake Manifold, Perform carbon cleaning, clear faults and road test. Sublet for Walnut Shells. Customer Goodwill.

1 11-61-8-519-140 Intake Manifold WIT
Seals, O-rings and more brake cleaner.
Sublet for Walnut Shell Cleaning.

54,500 Miles
Car Runs better, but is back in the shop because of a burnt diesel exhaust smell filling the car at idle.