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Originally Posted by e90335Diesel View Post
haha it looks so tempting.
I wonder how long the wait is..
plus theres a $7,500 CA tax incentive.. but I was get concerned about how to battery will be 4-5 years down the line and all the random maintenance costs, ill do some more research into it.. that would be a fun crazy buy.
Thats a pretty solid incentive, and you guys will be the first to get the charging stations, etc. At 300w/mile, you get the equivalent ($-wise) of roughly 130 mpg (maybe a bit less since your energy costs are ridiculous; I'm using mine which are about .11/kwH). You could probably even do a solar charge setup at your home depending on where you live, how much you drive, and local incentives that are available.

on the maintenance, I'm pretty sure they have a planned replacement that you can lock into in advance. The replacement is recommended after 8 years and ranges from something like 8-12k depending on the battery size you choose. I only remember because I was surprised by the 8 year number.

Have you seen one yet? I saw a guy get into one in dc today & I must say its pretty cool to see the door handles pop out when you walk up to the car with the key and then recess when you start to drive. Also the massive screen on the interior is pretty fantastic in-person (think iPad's big brother being built into your dash). I say you do it

...or find yourself a used 2011 d and stick with your diesel brethren for a little while longer.

Another option: You can always mentally build the cost of every modification you've ever wanted into the cost of the replacement then just go all out from day one. A low mileage diesel with sport package, etc from 2011 is probably high 30s, add 6k for a complete m3 body conversion and 6 for all of the suspension bits (arms, sub-frame bushings, LSD, etc) and you have yourself one awesome and unique car for just shy of 50 (with a warranty).

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