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Originally Posted by Foxrus14 View Post
I currently have a 2011 SS camaro with some mods and a great sounding exhaust. Just about every M3 or 335i car that comes around wants to mess around or race and they always "pipe" me and it is very funny. Can barely hear them with my car at idol. My fiance has her 135i and she thought her car was fast until she drove mine for a week. Two completely different cars and 2 completely different rides. But she had no idea about power till she started playing with mine. now she drives it until it needs gas and then she switches me back.
A 135i with Mods can be very fast just like a camaro. It's just depends if you want to drive a Chevy or a BMW. But a big Deplacement motor will always feel faster because of the torque and loss of traction which adds drama.

I have to say an M3 may not be the fastest V8 but it sure is one of the sweetest sounding ones.