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brad bedell

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+1 for a worthy service.

I had mine done by Classic BMW this week. It was in for other service, and I didn't want to buy a walnut blaster this week. I believe it was $636 for the service. 38k miles on the car, I didn't bother inspecting it before hand, just figured with the previous owner's Dinan tune on the car and age that it probably wouldn't hurt. Especially now that I have a Procede on it.

My car runs quite a bit better. I'm curious to see how much better once all the adaptations are in place.

I'll check out Ulitmate Bimmer Service at some point. I tend to do it all DIY, but every now and then my schedule doesn't allow for it. Classic messed some stuff up with the car. I have to take it in tomorrow and see how they handle it. I expect they will take care of me, as I spent nearly $3k in parts & labor when it was in. They only broke a $35.00 part and neglected to perform my oil change and brake fluid flush. Minor details, but does beg me to go borrow a bore scope and check out the intake valves.