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Originally Posted by NTXE92
Originally Posted by Marcus_Alexander
Originally Posted by eric@helix
Also check your local BMW dealer for price (don't forget shipping--it'll cost an arm and a leg to ship it). If you have the means to separate ball joints and the like, you can do it yourself. You will need a couple of unusual tools like reverse torx.
It looks to be about $650 with shipping which is roughly how much it would cost if I bought it online from a dealer. What kind of tools would I need? Do I need to support the engine somehow or is it not connected to the subframe? Also since I'm doing this should I buy new bushings and hardware? Maybe even upgrade the control arms, sway bar etc... I do have an XI which requires different parts I understand.
You will need to support the engine. Are the bushings bad?
Honestly I wouldn't know what bad bushings look like I'm still learning the ins and outs of cars.I have a cousin who helps me a lot. I could probably look if I knew what I was looking for.