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Originally Posted by incantana View Post
There are a few members (all oddly with very few post hostory) trying to imply that im not being an honest guy. Ive refunded this guy his money even when im not sure that i should have. I have extensive post history here. My ebay account is over 5 years old and has a flawless record.

I dont know why some of you think i hve multiple profiles on here (one of the guys you say i am is in toronto and is selling stuff for an e92....i dont even have an e92!)

Id really appreciate it if youd guys just respect that i refunded this guy and that im the one whos lost out on funds and on the rep ive built. Stop trying to have some fun at my expense. Thanks.

You stepped up and refunded the cheddar. Good man

I swear the feet in that pic are the same as the ones in yours (you need to handle those bad boys btw)

Click click click ENHANCE

click click click ENHANCE

click click click ENHANCE

But respect when it's due. After a viscous board inquiry you handled it