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basic cali lemon law forumla.

first time i had the problem was at 20K mileage.

x/120,000 = y%
x= the miles i brought it in with the first time I had the problem

y%= the percentage I basically eat from the selling price. which is a little over 16%

also refund of all the taxes, fees + ext warranties, etc..

seems fair, what do you guys think?

Tesla really seems sexy, but after doing some quick research.. alot of people have been having alot of random issues with it.. they havent seem to perfect it yet, which I get..its still new and an up and coming company.

Keeping the 335d is an option, but if im having problems now.. what problems will I have after 50K mark? i have the extended warranty option, but I dont want to deal with the headaches.. but ahh 335D such an amazing car tooo!

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