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Playing around with map 6

Ok now before i post this and people start going out and putting in these values and in doing so messing their car up i would like to say that this is a very aggressive boost curve and needs to be monitored.

that being said my mods are:
full straight piped exhaust
Vrsf downpipes
Vrsf intercooler
JB4 g5 iso 17 hex i think...
cobb backend flash
80% e85/93
walbro 455lph

i am running the cobb e85_v2 flash with the newest g5 iso firmware

the car pulls really really hard i have only had one problem with the map when it threw a 28DC code when boost over shot. Other than that it is a pretty amazing curve and im looking to get it on a dyno in a few weeks with some tweaks.

last night on a map 7 i slowly pulled away from a e36 m3 with a hta3582r on 15 creeping up 18psi he had a passenger approx car weight was 3600 my car with me and a trunk full of crap weighs 3750 ish also he was on 97 octane and meth. Those cars will put down 430whp on just 15 psi no creep on the same turbo
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