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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Find someone local with experience to confirm that the car has not been tuned in any way, shape or form.
and with a BT cable and the tune taken out, how would this "experienced" person visually know the car was tuned?

I would not want to buy a car that was previously tuned. Not all cars that were tuned are bad though.
this is great advice...and what differentiates a "bad" tuned car from a "good" tuned car?

the reality is, nobody here can know or tell you what kind of car you're buying. the only thing even a mechanic can tell you is what they visually see.

how can they tell you if the car was run at high boost? and even if they could, with 117k miles on it, how many times did the owner go into boost? i know cars with half that mileage that are beat harder than some with twice their mileage. can they take an x-ray of the motor and tell you if the rings are getting close to end of life? you think they'll take the intake manifold off to look at all the carbon buildup to see if the owner cleaned the valves? you think they'll take the intakes off to see if the turbo compressor wheels have shaft play?

i have a friend, and i can only assume most of the cars for sale on here are the same way, that beat the hell out of his car and then returned it to stock. kept the exterior and interior cleaned, put the stock exhaust/downpipes back on, stock airbox, stock IC, and removed the tune and codes with a BT. if i didn't know him and i went to look at the car, it would seem completely stock to me. does that mean it really was?

come on guys, any car with 117k miles on it is going to have or potentially have problems. dont try to steer this guy wrong.