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Same problem with roof shell trim

My new (2007) E93 330i went back to the dealers to have the rear windscreen replaced under warranty and when it came back the roof shell trim strips had deformed in this way. Dealer doesn't seem to be able to find the service bulletin, and says trim strip is not covered under warranty.

Do you have a copy of the service bulletin by any chance? Can you say which garage carried out the work on the trim strip for you?


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Mine was registered in May 07 (march production I think) - the bulletin I found had been issued in Jan, then re-issued in April (they added some extra part numbers highlighted as 'new') - the July issue is the one I found.

Interestingly, they added on the 'new' parts in April - these were a primered part that required spraying but only the left handtrim.

It is my left one that has gone. 'E93' - which one went on yours?

Seems strange if it only affects the left hand side? The dealer did not say if they were replacing one or both?