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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
So they charge 25 Euros?
Roughly that price. Between 25 and 30, I really can't remember right now.

Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
So what do you jump?
I jump an old school Talon 1 with an old school 7 cell Triathalon.
Yeah old works and i got it for a great price. The Tri only had 50 jumps when i got it.
Recently a friend called me up and said if i wanted to buy his wing suit off of him.
He had done work for Tony of Tony Suits and got paid in of all things wing suit! But my friend has a thing for swooping and doesn’t care about wing suits.
If it fits I may just take it off his hands for a very low price.

if anyone here in NJ or NY wants to make a jump, it's about $200.
Please watch the weather channel to make sure the weather is nice and not too windy. Come out jump you will either love it or never do it again.
I fly a Mirage G4 with a PD Pulse 170. I wouldn't mind a cheap wing suit, get it!
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