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Originally Posted by RSM View Post
Would it still be do able to code the car so the other lights are not active when the sidelights are on then? Don't fancy having three lots of taillights
The solution to that is 'correct wiring' or use adaptors.

Originally Posted by RSM View Post
I guess I will still be running the wires to the rear lights, I haven't read of any the Germans having problems but I will definitely keep an eye on the wiring.
I agree with you on that and I do not think Germans would do that, if there was a risk. But good to keep an eye on the temperature of license plate lights wiring.

Originally Posted by RSM View Post
I have seen frm2's for sale on ebay but finding one that plugs into my car and just works with what I have would be a problem I guess. Ideally want to get it working with the frm that I currently have.
Stick with FRM1 at the moment. Go for FRM2 only if all methods of retrofit these tail lights fail.

Originally Posted by RSM View Post
I fix HGV vehicles and use quite alot of diagnostic equipment but all this coding of the BMW goes way over my head lol
I must say that although BMW made everything so complicated, but they also gave us plenty of options for codings and retrofits. Coding is not difficult but it requires a hell lot of time to learn and do it without damaging anything.