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Seat Heater Problem?

Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following with their seat heaters and has any idea about what could be going on.

I own a 2008 328xi coupe which was purchased last winter as a CPO vehicle. The current mileage is just under 60,000.

As you know it has been pretty cold this week so I decided to use my driver seat heater for the first time since owning this vehicle. For several days it was working fine.

Yesterday afternoon and after the car had been sitting in the street for a few hours, I started up and put the driver seat heater on high and received the usual 3 green steady indicator lights showing me that heater was on high. I also put the rear defroster on since there was some snow and ice on back window.

After driving just a few blocks, I noticed that the 3 green indicator lights which had been steady all week started to go on for a few seconds then off for a few seconds. The seat remained warm and this indicator light situation continued all the way home which was just a few miles. The car had cranked and started fine as it has always done.

I pulled into my garage and started checking various forums, etc.. since my owner's manual had nothing. I saw a few similar situations and some answers were; faulty fuse, bad relay, bad seat heater module and even a weak battery.

The car sat in my garage for about an hour and I then went out to give it a try and the seat heaters and indicator lights worked fine. I tried it again this morning and took a lengthy drive and again everything was fine with all 3 indicator lights staying a steady green.

Last night I had also put car battery on BMW Advanced Charger which I do once a week and it charged fully and in the usual amount of time.

I also called my dealer's service department last night and the advisor had almost no idea of what I was talking about but spoke with someone and then told me that I needed to bring car in to be checked. I had received no warning lights or symbols on dash or I Drive.

Have any of you experienced this type of problem and what do you think could have happened to cause this? If it continues to work fine do I need to bring it in to be checked? Would anyone know if this would be covered by CPO warranty ( I don't think that replacing a battery would)?

I greatly appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you. You can reply on forum or write to me directly at