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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
The solution to that is 'correct wiring' or use adaptors.

I agree with you on that and I do not think Germans would do that, if there was a risk. But good to keep an eye on the temperature of license plate lights wiring.

Stick with FRM1 at the moment. Go for FRM2 only if all methods of retrofit these tail lights fail.

I must say that although BMW made everything so complicated, but they also gave us plenty of options for codings and retrofits. Coding is not difficult but it requires a hell lot of time to learn and do it without damaging anything.

Thanks for your replies, Light will hopefully be arriving today, although time is getting on so probably end up being delivered Monday.

Last night I found a couple of threads on the coding out of the tail lights, but it meant nothing to me. How much do you charge on average for coding?

I understand you may not want to publicly display this so I understand if you don't want to post it on here.

Was looking at your retrofit of the Kufatec system and I recognize that you live just down the road from me, its a small world,that's probably why I have seen your car a few times in the area. There is a distinct lack of modified BMW's in the area, mainly VW Golfs.

Many thanks , Rob