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Cable communication with Progman

I have spent weeks getting GT1/DIS and SSS/Progman installed on my laptop. I have an 06 E90 with a build date of 06/05. I have windows 7 x64 with VMWare installed. I have two VM's installed, one for GT1 and one for SSS, both independent of each other. Both programs run just fine and I can access all the menus, however, my K + KCAN cable will not communicate with the programs. I have INPA installed as well as NCS Expert as well. INPA is on the x64 system and works just fine; I can cycle through all the menus and communicate with the car. NCS works great in XP mode and I can successfully code using it. I followed the installation guide to the "T" for SSS and GT1 but cannot seem to get the cable to communicate. In SSS I set the gateway to and the IP address to 192.168.50 during installation. When I pull up the network page in SSS, it shows the address as and the gateway is blank. I changed these to the original values and restart the machine but the changes do not hold. I have tried running the programs with DiagHead running, IFH running and EDIABAS Server running as well...still no luck. I have a battery charger hooked up pushing 12V at 13A to the car while attempting to code, so power should not be an issue and I never get a "low batt" warning from the car. The COM port is set to "1". I am out of ideas here! Does anyone here know how to achieve communication between the car and SSS and GT1!!?? I've spent a couple of days thumbing through message boards and searching Google with no luck...

SSS Version: 3.1
Progman Version: 32

SSS Network Configuration:
IP -
Subnet -
gateway -

Interface IP -

SSS Overview shows the operating status as usable with an IP of

SSS Connection Test: unsuccessful

SSS Connection Error: Initialization was unsuccessful. Make sure with diagnosis that access to the vehicle is possible. Terminate program. If this happens repeatedly, further information can be obtained from Technical Market Support.

GT1 Connection Error in diagnostics: Communication between operation unit and diagnostic head is impaired. Fault number: 200.159

GT1 Connection Error in coding: Connect diagnosis connector to vehicle! Switch on ignition! Start automatic vehicle identification!

DiagHead window: After it is started, it shows an IP of, mask of for the VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1. It continually repeats "Sending CMD_MT_FREE and in the bottom of the window it shows "Test LED Disconnected"

I know this outfit works on Windows 7 x64, that is what this package download and install instructions were designed for (I've read in several threads that folks are running it as such). I just need to figure out how to get the communication going between the car and program. If anyone would like a link to the package and instructions, let me know.

I attached screenshots for anyone interested in looking.....

What a PITA!
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