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Originally Posted by xzibit a View Post
Im right there with you i much perfer concave to a lip. I cant remember which forgestar wheel it was but i was looking at an 18x12, i know they make em. XXRs are super cheap and i know you can get the 521(LM STYLE ) in 10" WIDE VERSIONS

CF5-Super deep concave
1810 offsets from +10 to +50
1811 offsets from +23 to +63
1812 offsets from +36 to +75
no way i can fit an 18x12.. i mean.. maybe in the rear, but the low offset is going in the front and that's as LOW as i can go, 10.5" MAX width... in the rear i could go an 11 or 12 no worries, and even a 10 offset is easy.

for a 10" wide i need a -5 for perfect, 0 preferably, and +5 AT WORST. i could MAYBE do a +10 with a 10mm spacer but it's still not perfect (5mm off)

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
Vossens are not going to have the offsets you looking for. If I'm not mistaken I think the 19x10 offset is like 36mm or something like that.
i can't find anything online about their offsets, and they haven't responded to emails or PM's..

36 is way WAY too high, weakkk haha

as much as i don't want a lip, if i NEED to get a lipped wheel, forgestar F14F's will probably be my choice as they're not HORRIBLY priced, and look mighty nice imo still.