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Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Slap a 10 uprfront or atleast a 9.5 and then either do an 11 rear or 11.5, that all depends what your take of a ggressive set up is.

Also its never the same with reps the fit may be there but the finish is miles away from a quality wheels like BBS, VOLK, CCW etc. Why not just save up and get a quality set?
9.5 is impossible, id' need -17 offset for proper fitment... and LOL at trying to find them off the shelf, 100% impossible... it would look AMAZING though lol.

if you read the top post i'm asking for 10" wide wheels with a -5 or 0 offset, if you don't call that aggressive, then shit, you must run some INSANE stuff. (yes the 10 -5 for the FRONT not the rear)

rears aren't too bad, you know, just a casual 1" widening of each rear fender -_-
Just the stuff everyone's doing yeah..

i don't need wheels that wide on the rear, it's just dead weight. i'd rather the look of lower offset, since i can fit the widest tires available (like a.. what... 295 on an 18 or 305 on a 19... it's all that's available in the profiles i need for a 1er.. sorry yes it's a 1er, but e90p is more active and you guys are more into crazy wheel fitment lol) pretty happily... or at least a 285 for 100% suresies.. 10" is the most i will ever need, i'd put the same tires on a 10 as an 11 or 12, and save a few lb per side.

this car's not only going to be really showy, but it's also going to see a lot of street class timeattack (full weight stuff), going an 11 or 11.5" rear wheel both doesn't look as good OR perform as well.

i want a proper square setup, equal track, equal tire tread width... or at least the ability to do so.. then tune traction from there, narrow the fronts etc.

i LOATHE stretch, doesn't protect the rim, looks retarded.

i doubt volk would make anything close to what i need, and $4k would be a LUCKY price.. same for Advans and any good japanese manuf... CCW's, for the price ($675-$700/wheel) don't seem to offer much more than most others i can see, though for custom offsets, if that's the solid price ... isn't TOO bad a price then... i might send them an email... aaaand BBS i wouldn't get away under close to $5k as far as i can tell...

also, most of the CCW's look like reps.. i mean.. CNC machined high grade aluminium forged reps, but still, same LOOK lol. ok i'll be honest, after having the CCW list up on a big screen going through it all, they're looking like an EXCELLENT (near) $3k option, definitely going to send them an email. thanks for making me think harder about them!

i'm not after reps ($1k per set or so) i'm after mid tier manufacturers, $2000-$2500 a set.. so far forgestar is wining at this price range, and if i had to spend more i'd look REALLY hard at a set of BC forged wheels.. though the CCW's look tempting depending on what i get as a reply in the email

i don't want super high end wheels because no one including me will ever tell the difference, and most of the price is simply because of the brand...

and i know you won't have seen what i'm doing... but 'saving up' isn't a thing i can reasonably do, i'm swapping an N54 into an E87, building the bottom end, port and polishing the head, and shooting for BIG power. i need to get the wide bumper not long after i put it in because the factory 130i bumper doesn't have big enough vents for the oil cooling, .. this kills the N54. lol.

i simply NEED the new body parts and wheels to suit for proper functionality and reliability reasons sadly lol"

the $2k i can save by not spending $4-$4.5k on a high end set of wheels can go into things that actually matter... like better coilovers, the BBK i need soon, bigger turbos (not long after the swap).. all sorts of things.

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