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Originally Posted by xzibit a View Post
so you want to run negative offsets with high camber and meaty tires??? good freaking luck, unless your running a legit wide body kit.

2.5" per fender up the front, ER widebody.. current is 18x8.5 +45 (with a 5mm spacer) and it's 100% perfectly flush, exactly as i'd want it. (I'm on stock body atm of course lol, need wheels first >_< )

no camber.. well i have M3 control arms and BC coilovers, but it looks like the shop dialled it out to near 0 with the camber tops.. so yeah it all fits camberless, even though track use would probably benefit from camber in the future

wide, meaty, no unneccesary camber (maybe a teensy bit to totally guarantee rubless with the big tires, but i don't have a major issue now..)