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Originally Posted by sohcpunk View Post
Just wanted to test the waters on if other owners are experiencing the same issues as me. I purchased the car used, 2011 335d with around 30k miles. At 33k I brought it to the dealership to perform the EGR recall. After driving it for about a week after the recall being done, I get a SES lights. Brought it back to the dealer and my SA says he needs to replace the metering valve. No problem takes a few days and I get my car back. I drive it another 2 months or so and get another SES light. This time the SA says he needs to replace my DEF fluid tank. The tank is on back order so it's been about 1 month without my car waiting for the part. I got news a few hours ago that it's done. Any users on here experience any issues. It's been 7 months and 2 SES lights. Seems like a car I'm starting to not feel confident about in keeping past it's warranty period.
I have also had 2 issues. The first SES was for bad glow plugs. All plugs were replaced, a couple days repair. The last time, the SES was the NOX sensors. Just before I went to take it in the "No Start 999 Miles" came on. I thought no big deal, as they probably just forgot to refill the second tank at service. Not so fast. Some sort of a sensor was bad in the tank requiring the tank to be replaced.

It took 1 week to replace. I was given a 2013 328 loner for the week. When I picked up the car the they showed me the total for the NOX and Urea Tank. The total was over $4k. My car is under factory warranty so I didn't pay a thing. I also have CPO until 100k or 8/15. Bottom line is I would not buy one of these without a warranty, or I would extend the warranty if you plan on keeping it. My car had 45k on it. Imagine this happening just over 50k without a warranty.