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Originally Posted by Dem3ern View Post
Glad to hear i'm not the only one. I washed my car today in a local self-wash, kinda funny how I could watch the water freezing as I was driving home on the mirror! And all the ice that has built up gives some more interesting cracking noises as its breaking.

Question on the HVAC fan, is that something covered under Platinum Extended warranty? I dont think mine has been replaced but id HATE to live with a squeaking fan...
I guess you know this but watch out if you're bathing your car in subzero temps.. You could have water get into door locks and freeze up. No fun.. Happened on my old VW years ago and no fun. The ice could also do damage if it gets inside moving parts when you try to actuate them (like mirrors)...

It's funny how I was washing the car at a coin wash same time a week ago, with temps in the mid-40s (wasn't even wearing a jacket, it was that warm!!!). 12 hours later the mercury dropped like a rock and it's been freezing cold ever since..