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NAV Map Update

I have a 2013 328i which I special ordered and took delivery in October. The build date is on/about Sep 7, 2012. I received an urgent/recall notice from my dealership for a NAV Software Update B652212 which I had completed last week. No one at the dealership service department can tell me what the update consisted of, whether it was just a POI or a full software upgrade and I have noticed no difference in performance. They told me that I should receive a letter from BMW explaining the recall. I found this whole conversation rather strange that a service manager did not know what a B652212 consisted of. Does anyone have any help? Thanks.

As a postscript I have found this very expensive Navigation option to be very disappointing. With the exception of the display in the HUD my $150 Garman did a much superior job both visually and in navigation, and additionally displayed posted speed limits.